Wordeo is an expressive messaging app, which creates content based on keywords typed into a message, The platform is currently available within Facebook messenger as well as a standalone application.

Skills used: Stakeholder Management, Facilitating Workshop, User Research,  Sketching/wireframing, Problem Solving, Interactive Prototyping Interaction Design, Visual Design.


The Process

The project was led by the CEO of Wordeo. I facilitated a kick-off workshop, and worked with, the head of marketing and the developers to explore the current messaging market and assessing business goals for Wordeo. I then went through the process of defining needs and goals for the new product.

Some key features which came out of our initial research, explored the need to quickly discover up-to the-minute celebrity content and simply customise with text or stickies.

I created drawings, wireframes and user flows which showed the path of a typical user. I prioritised key features, rapidly prototyping in Balsamic and creating a visual design and interactive prototype in Marvel.

Outcomes and next steps

The creation of an interactive prototype which allows users to browse or search for premium content. When a user is in the midst of a conversation the can customise and send an image via Facebook messenger.

This is the initial vision stage of the process. The next steps for the project are to user test and refine the content customisation process and explore how video would be introduced. There are also some much more dynamic and ways to introduce content suggestions with messaging.