I worked with Lambie Nairn and ITV Creative on the relaunch of ITV News. I worked with my team on building a set a guidelines creating for bespoke 3D and information graphics. this look was always carries through to al of the ITV News regions.

This was part of the broader rebrand of ITV. I managed the design and implementation of the new look, which included overseeing the creation of the opening titles and the implementation of full-frame graphics. Working with Simom Jago (BDA Creative) and Jim Mann (Lightwell), we built the new studio using our ground-breaking Viz Virtual Reality technology, introducing a set of virtual plam screens which carried a bank of monitors, a technique which has never been done before. The rollout also included a reskin of the ITV.com website.

ITV News Bill Neely


The ITV News at Ten set

The ITV News set in VR and composite




ITV News Olympics

ITV News 3D example

ITV News Web Page