VPAR Golf Challenges

In the VPAR UX project, the primary objective was to elevate user engagement by delivering meaningful feedback through the live-scoring service available on iOS, WatchOS, and Android platforms. The core of the project involved a deep understanding of user motivations, encompassing the desire for competition, connection with fellow golfers, facing challenges, and striving for continuous improvement in their game.

To achieve this, fundamental UX methodologies were employed, including card sorting and sketching, to meticulously map out the information architecture. The project’s focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) honed in on two pivotal criteria: tracking points scored by users during their rounds, such as birdies or pars, and capturing the geographical aspect of their golfing experiences, such as how frequently they played at a particular club. The resulting wireframes effectively illustrated the user journeys within the Achievements section.

A significant aspect of the project involved the conceptualization and design of badges, where shapes, colors, and strokes were carefully crafted to convey the unique identity and complexity of each achievement. This concept underwent further refinement through collaboration with a Visual Designer and rigorous user testing to ensure alignment with user preferences and expectations.

The final design solution stands out as distinctive, empowering users to pursue specific goals tailored to their individual skill levels. The Achievements section not only provides challenges but also rewards users for their accomplishments, fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie within the VPAR community. 

User Interviews

Card Sorting
User Testing
Visual Design