Searching for Justice: Life After Lockup

PBS NewsHour’s next hour-long special Searching for Justice: Life after Lockup focuses on the many challenges individuals face after incarceration — from reconnecting with family, to finding work and housing, to staying out of prison or jail.  

The special follows four formerly incarcerated individuals and highlights their struggles and successes as they return to society.

One of the challenges of this project was how to sensitively tell the stories of our participants in a way that was both in a way that was sensitive to each individuals story, with no archive footage of photographs. Worked with motion designer Fabian Tejada and award winning illustrator Kagan McLeod to storyboard each backstory using simple rigging, lighting and motion.


Creative Direction:
Kojo Boateng

Kagan McLeod

Motion Designer:
Fabian Tejada

Frank N. Carlson
Mike Fritz
Emily Carpeaux