Polychain Capital

The design goal for Polychain Capital was to establish a consistent brand identity that can accommodate their growing business units and position them as an innovative venture capital firm. The final design solution was centered around a transformative animated mark, which served as the core logo and a more traditional logotype rendered in Euclid. This mark was adaptable and could be transformed into various geometric 2-dimensional structures, allowing for flexibility across different digital and branding materials.

In addition to the animated mark, the designer also created two typefaces specifically for Polychain Capital: Polychain Block and Polychain Inline. These typefaces could be used as display fonts, further contributing to the brand’s unique identity.

Overall, the project successfully achieved its objective of creating a brand that is unpredictable, colorful, and fun, while still maintaining simplicity and purposefulness. This branding approach sets Polychain Capital apart from traditional venture funds and positions them as a disruptive outlier in the industry

Creative Direction
Logo Design
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