News at Ten



After a 6 year hiatus ITV relaunched News at Ten which saw the return of Trevor McDonald. ITV wanted a design which would brought back the heritage and authority of News at Ten, but which also gave the news a gravitas and sense of modernity. The opening titles were based on the original 1992 titles. Animation and post production work was done by the MPC.

To complement the epic opening titles, we created a stunning virtual news studio with a glittering panorama of London’s Skyline. I designed and art-directed on this project, creating a new iconic News at Ten logo and the on-screen packaging.

Creative Direction: Kojo Boateng, Glenn Marshall
Design: Tobias Beaugard, Steve Shaw,
Title sequence: MPC
Virtual Set Design: Simon Jago, Ian White
Musical Arrangement: Hewson and Bayliss

The News at Ten title sequence was based on the original opening sequence from 1992. A sweeping camera move travels along the river thames decisively arriving at the Elizabeth Tower at the first strike of Big Ben announces 10’Oclock. I worked with c0-creative director Glenn Marshall and the Moving Picture Company (MPC) to bring this sequence to life.

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News at Ten

ITV Election 2010

The ITV News Election 2010 was a programme which aired after the polls closed for the General Election of 2010. The studio was a live living data feed, with results displayed in the three party colours as spotlights and information throughout the set. Since 2001 ITN has pioneered the use of live VR technology for television.

I conceived, designed and art-directed many aspects of the Election programme, leading a team who worked including the opening titles and interstitials, onscreen graphics and virtual studio.

The centrepiece of the studio was a 20ft virtual wall which was controlled by the Julie Etchingham via a virtual touchscreen. The wall was used to display a series of graphics during the 14 hour broadcast election information like the battleground, swingometer, historical swing graphics and live feeds were simplified into some key graphics on the night.

Using a 10 foot panel (hidden from he viewer) of all the key swing seats on election night from Labour to Conservative, Julie Etchingham was able to fully control all her results graphics via a set of touchscreens. She was able to seamlessy call up results as they happened and give some analysis for each constituency.

Elex VR Slate
Elex VR Display
SOTN Studio Wide
Election Alastair CU
Election FF Result
Election SOV Jackie Smith
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ITV Election 2010



The coverage of The US Election on ITV was based on the concept of the periodic table with each state representing an element. The Opening titles used this as a motif with images of of Obama and Romney during their campaigning. As ITV were simulcasting their coverage with NBC, we needed to make sure our design was complementary with the US coverage whilst retaining our own visual identity. Using our virtual studio technology we were able to re-skin our news set in keeping with the feel of a Presidential election.

Creative Director: Kojo Boateng
Designers: Donal O’Keeffe, Gabrielle Smith, Tobias Beaugard
Viz developers: Ian White

US Elex Set CU
US Elex Set Guest 2 shot
US Elex Set Wide
US Elex Titles 05
US Elex Titles 04
US Elex Titles 03
US Elex Titles 06
US Elex FF Graphic Key States
US Elex College 03
US Elex College 02
US Elex College Vote
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ITV News


I worked with Lambie Nairn and ITV Creative on the relaunch of ITV News. I worked with my team on building a set a guidelines creating for bespoke 3D and information graphics. this look was always carries through to al of the ITV News regions.

This was part of the broader rebrand of ITV. I managed the design and implementation of the new look, which included overseeing the creation of the opening titles and the implementation of full-frame graphics. Working with Simom Jago (BDA Creative) and Jim Mann (Lightwell), we built the new studio using our ground-breaking Viz Virtual Reality technology, introducing a set of virtual plam screens which carried a bank of monitors, a technique which has never been done before. The rollout also included a reskin of the ITV.com website.

The ITV News at Ten set
ITV News Bill Neely
The ITV News set in VR and composite
ITV News 3D example
ITV News Map
ITV News Web Page
ITV News Olympics
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ITV News