Know Your Crew Website Redesign

Know Your Crew is a mobile platform that fosters connectivity in groups. Their enterprise tool, Know Your Crew Pro, uses gamification, research-based content and data analytics to measure and improve team performance. 
The brief was to redesign this responsive website and improve the experience and usability of the website to improve engagement and drive inquiries.
I did user research and competitor analysis to establish the key pain points when users listed the website. Users general felt there was too much content with no clear idea what the outcomes of using the product would benefit their business.
Based on this research I also simplified navigation and rewrote the website copy to hone in on the key aspects of the game in order for it to work better as a mobile website. I leveraged the use of animal thumbnails found within the game to tell a visual story about the key components of the game. I designed the animal illustrations to project the idea of teamwork. 
The result was is a more fun, simpler experience which pulls together the gamified elements of the game, and the researched based components that make the product a success.