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Election 2010 – Behind the Scenes

I thought I’d add this post to explain a little about the behind the scenes process working on the Election and generally working in virtual spaces.The virtual studio at Gray’s Inn Road uses a set of tracked cameras which know where they are in 3D space. All of this tracking data processed is fed to renderers and using Viz virtual studio and some clever ‘under the bonnet innovation’ we created virtual 3D graphics which give the appearance of whole studio which works exactly like a real one, albeit with the added flexibility to move assets relatively easily. The are many downsides to working in virtual, but this was our preferred solution for this project. We were able to populate information graphics in key areas.

Creative Director: Kojo Boateng, Glenn Marshall
Programme Director: Jane Thompson
Designers: Richard Dufty, Michael O’Donnabhain
Technical/Studio: Ian White, Jon Roberts, Kevin Morrison

Alastair and Julie

Desk Shot_Wide




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ITV News

ITV wanted to bring their network news more visually in line with ITV1s brand to create a flexible strong visual identity. Working in collaboration with BDA Creative. I lead the design team which brought this vision to life. Delivering an opening sequence which seamlessly transitioned to an epic 3D Virtual studio. And implementing strong iconic on-screen packaging and bespoke content graphics. This project won two Gold Promax/BDA.

Art Direction: Kojo Boateng, Mark Hobbins
Design: Tobias Beaugard, James Greenslade, Emma Lidgey, Micheal O’Donnabhain
Studio Design: Ian White, Jago Design

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ITV News
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News at Ten Rebrand (2008)

After a 6 year hiatus ITV relaunched News at Ten which saw the return of Trevor McDonald. ITV wanted a design which would brought back the heritage and authority of News at Ten, but which also gave the news a gravitas and sense of modernity. The opening titles were based on the original 1992 titles. Animation and post production work was done by the MPC.

News at Ten Opening (1992)

To complement the epic opening titles, we created a stunning virtual news studio with a glittering panorama of London’s Skyline. I designed and art-directed on this project, creating a new iconic News at Ten logo and the on-screen packaging.

Creative Direction: Kojo Boateng, Glenn Marshall
Design: Tobias Beaugard, Steve Shaw,
3D Animation: MPC
Virtual Set Design: Simon Jago, Ian White
Music: Hewson and Bayliss

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News at Ten Rebrand (2008)